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Hardness Testing
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Hardness Testing
Hardness Testing
Hardness Testing
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Hardness Testing Hardness Tesing

Hardness Testing Report
Once the data has been placed in a spreadsheet you can easily store or share that spreadsheet over a network or via email! Imagine being able to submit your results to a client in minutes!
If you need to analyze your hardness test data, there is no easier way than using the ConfiDent Hardness Testing Software! ConfiDent now comes with a free reporting module that integrates ConfiDent with Microsoft Excel®. Now, you can report your Knoop or Vickers results along with the values converted from the Rockwell conversion chart or table. Having your operator manually record numbers on a sheet of paper is a thing of the past! ConfiDent takes care of it all now!

After you make your measurements, just a few clicks of the mouse will combine all of the following data into a very powerful report:

Vickers or Knoop results
Rockwell-Type results (HRC or HRB)
Case Depth
Tolerance levels
Other conversions such as Brinell
Statistical information such as Standard Deviation, %RSD, Average, Min and Max.

You can also create your own custom data to be saved along with each report.

Is there a unique formula that you use in your calculations? You can customize the ConfiDent report templates to include your corporate logo, formulas, charts, etc. And even better, there is no need to have someone else to build the templates for you. You have the full power of ConfiDent and Excel right at your fingertips.

Once you have created a report in Excel, you can save that spreadsheet, archive it, share it on your network or via email.

Microsoft Excel not included. Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Hardness Testing

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