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Hardness Testing
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Hardness Testing
Hardness Testing
Hardness Testing
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Hardness Testing Hardness Testing Upgrade
ConfiDent2 New Features
If you are currently using the original ConfiDent 1.0 system, you will enjoy the following new improvements after upgrading to ConfiDent2:

Live Video Operation: Camera & Capture Board
Hardness Testing ConfiDent2 software (running in conjunction with a new capture board) has a greatly improved interface that enhances workflow. Rather than using the TWAIN interface, a custom ConfiDent2 interface has been added so that the live video window appears right in the workspace.
If you do not have the latest capture board, you will still be able to use the new ConfiDent2 software, but you will be required to capture the image using the TWAIN mode (without measuring on the live image). Email us if you have a question regarding which board you currently have - competitive upgrade options are available.
With ConfiDent2 you are now able to measure directly on the live image when using a new capture board, allowing you to get real-time results without being forced to capture the image. This vastly improves the workflow and speeds up the process.
ConfiDent2 has also been improved so that when a measurement is made, the lines stay in the same spot for the next measurement, again enhancing the process speed.

Hardness Testing Demo Hardness Testing Demo
Hardness Testing Demo Hardness Testing Demo
Hardness Testing Demo

High Resolution Digital Camera
•  ConfiDent now supports the PAXcam line of digital microscope cameras. This allows you to capture images at higher resolutions than an analog capture system.

Operating System Compatibility Expanded
•  ConfiDent 1.0 was designed to operate in Windows 98. ConfiDent 1.0 does not operate in a Windows NT/2000/XP environment. ConfiDent2 works with Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP.

Software Operation Improvements
•  ConfiDent2 allows you to save all of your settings in a "parameter" file. The parameter file can be called up when a new case is started. This results in quick and easy system configuration.
Retrieving cases is now easier with ConfiDent2. An enhanced search routine has been added to allow you to easily find saved cases.
The user interface has been graphically enhanced and is easier to use.
The coordinates of each indentation can be saved and recalled. This allows you to restore those settings when doing a new case depth test and eliminates the need to reenter them. This saves time, increases accuracy and improves workflow!
Customized data, such as customer name, part number, serial number, etc. can be stored with each test. Managers can configure the system so that operators are required to enter this data before tests are made.

Image and Report Management
•  ConfiDent now allows you to save your images and reports directly into the PAX-it image database software.

Basic Reporting Enhancements

•  The basic report includes the hardness traverse and displays the tolerance range.
With just a few mouse clicks, you can take all of your test data and images and create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel®. Customized templates are easily created.

Calibration Log
•  Each time the system is calibrated, ConfiDent2 records the event in a calibration log, providing you with a documentation trail.

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Hardness Testing

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